Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day of Sixth Grade!

We had a great day today in Room 208 - English Language Arts 6! It was terrific to meet all the new sixth grade scholars...... although it might take a few days to get all the names straight. If you walk down the hall this week you will see 4 energetic teachers spouting off names of students as they walk down the hall ..... Tony, Mateo, Taylor ---no Tyler, Parker, Jessie, Rhianna, Martina, Fernando, Alejandro.... all in an attempt to put a name to a face.

Sixth grade at SHAPE American Elementary School is nothing short of awesome! They are the oldest kids in the school so they rule ....but next year they will not be the youngest students at the Middle School so they get to skip that "interesting" year of adolescence! In case you did not know, Sixth grade will be moving to the brand new Middle School next year. We will be our own school with sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Our own Principal, mascot, curriculum, etc.

Please feel free to drop a note here (nothing personal or that needs immediate attention) or email me at school at

 I am looking forward to a fabulous year with our Sixth Graders!

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