Monday, September 23, 2013

PPT, Crossword, Princess Penelope & Partner Sort - Oh My!

Figurative Language or Bust!  I bought a Powerpoint on TPT but blinged it out so it was more to my liking, used I'm Loving Lit's Closed Reading product (super blog and TPT love for Erin Cobb!), and made a Partner Sort game. That kept us busy all week. Too busy to go in to all the details. Let me know if you want loads of info on Figurative Language because I think I have a PdD in it after teaching and teaching           

Can you identify the 5 Figurative Lanaguage elements in this test question?

Sally Mae could not have ever imagined, in a million years, that Billy would finally ask her to the dance. She tried on several silky and satin short dresses but sadly so many of them were not satisfactory to her silly sister. The mirror told her what she already knew, that she needed to get a haircut! Snip, snip, snip and her long hair was all in a pile on the floor. Now, she was happy and they all lived happily ever after!