Friday, November 1, 2013

Relax, Reflect, Refresh....repeat!

A great week off as our school follows the Europe International School Schedule. That means a week off in November, two weeks at Christmas, a week off in February (known as Ski Week), and then two weeks at Spring break. Gotta Love It !

Our family headed to a lovely farmhouse in the heart of the wine country in Provence, France. It was a fast 8 hour drive down and a fast unpack, popped open a bottle of wine, grabbed our books, and we were all set for a great week. Our teen daughters love these kind of trips...we are home somewhere else. We explore, go to the morning markets to sample delicious treats from the region, gather foods and treats to have at our home for a late lunch, hike around, stop for coffee in the village square, pop in and out of local shops in search of linens and pottery (well, that might just be me searching), and visit loads of wineries.

This trip was no different and was so relaxing with 25 Celsius warm weather (high 70's F) and not a drop of rain the entire week.

Relaxed, Refreshed and Ready!