Monday, February 24, 2014

Basketball or Bust!

Never did I expect to become a Basketball Mom to two daughters, Wife of the BB Coach, or Friends with Professional Basketball players….but I am and I love it!

Oldest Daughter plays Varsity BB for her High School. Sweet Husband is the Coach and loves it. Youngest Daughter is a top player in the Youth League and will play JV next year in HS.Low and behold….we had an opportunity to meet Celeste and Sidney, two of the absolute nicest, warmest, sweetest professional women basketball players. They are from the USA and are playing here on the number one team here in Belgium. They have adopted our HS team and have come to help out with practices, sending encouraging text messages before, during, and after games.  They out did themselves by sending a super funny short video to the team when they were in Germany playing for  the European Championship.  FYI – our team came in 3rd out of 16 which was very exciting since most folks thought we might not make it to the finals. Yahoo for everyone. Thank goodness we still have March Madness to enjoy as we slowing wind down from Basketball Mania in the Masion de Mitchell.

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  1. Is this JoAnne from Adoption Partners fame? Or maybe I should say 'infamy?'


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