Monday, February 17, 2014

"Cuz I Just Know" not an option!

Citing Text Evidence. I love it with a big puffy teacher heart. The students, not so much. It is so much easier to be lazy and just write “cuz I just know”.  Well, that does not fly on in Room 208, on the Terra Nova, and most certainly not in 7th grade which is just a blink away.
Escape from Alcatraz was a great first article to work on. I firmly believe that it is my responsibility to make the reading interesting and informative. I have to meet my learners half way, so I am always searching for new articles, reading and publications.

After a few too many activities which required the reader / writers to Cite Text Evidence, I do believe they have it down. Lots of scaffolding, cheat sheets, anchor charts, quiet at the desk conferences with encouragement, classroom sharing (without raising hands!), and way too much grading. 

But it was all worth it. We will finally wrap this up by Friday….just in time for a WEEK OFF! We have a full week off because we follow the International School calendar and they get it off for Pre-Lent / Carnival! Off to London, basketball games, sleeping in, and a few lazy days. Oh, and Oldest Daughter studying for the ACT / SAT. Can’t be all fun and games!

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