Saturday, October 19, 2013

Book Pusher in Room 208

Okay.... I have calmed down a bit. Well, not too much but enough to think straight and to make a plan. I rounded up funding elsewhere and have decided to be the Book Pusher of Room 208. My readers all suggested lots of current books that they want to read and share with each other. We also made a list of loads of great Lit Circle or Class Reads or even Lunch Bunch Readers. Armed with that info, I ordered up all kinds of books and look forward to sharing them with my sweet sixthers. I would use all of the Scholastic points I have earned and saved for just this moment..but our school took all the points away and put them into one big account. Don't get me started!

So we will start with Island of the Blue Dolphin as a class read - I have a whopping huge Study Guide in the works and should have it ready...soon-ish for your downloading pleasure.

In the wings are Wonder for a Lunch Bunch Read and for small groups. The Watsons Go to Birmingham is just dying to be started and I have 30 of those so I can do a class at a time on this terrific exploration.

What are you reading with your class?