Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Tell-Tale Heart ....A Tad Bit Creepy!

Edgar Allan Poe...what's not to love about his scary stories? I read about the Tell- Tale Heart on someone's blog (remind me where I borrowed the idea from!!) and knew my classes would love it. The story is only 3 short pages and is a great way to get the class all together on one story for just one class session. I read the first page aloud in my super scary, eerie, raspy teacher voice and then they were to read the rest on their own. As I was slowly walking around the room reading aloud, I could see that most of their eyes were glued to me and taking in every word. When I told them to read the rest, I was a tad bit proud to hear them all begging me to finish it off I did. They loved it and we talked about all the elements used and when did we know what was going to happen, and all of the loads of literary elements there is to discuss with any Poe writing.

Since my creepy crew loved it so much, I found no less than 20 YouTube versions of the movie so we watched a great B/W 26 minute version. They loooooved it...."especially the part where we can only see the shadow but we know he is pulling off the head" and then one sweet gal added in "and you could see in the shadow that the blood was gushing out of the head". 

 Yup, creepy as can be...and we would not want it any other way!