Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Writers Workshop Wednesday

We had a great kick off to Writers Workshop Wednesday last week so we were all looking forward to a relaxed period of writing. All week I made reference to "our boy that is lost in the woods" (our agreed loose topic). Why is he in the woods? What does he have with him? Is anyone looking for him? Was he kidnapped but escaped and is running for his life? Is he running away from home? We never answered or discussed it, just reminded everyone oh so casually to be thinking about "our boy".

After a few quick reminders of no aliens, guns, or flesh eating bacteria they were off and writing. I was careful to not type or tidy up (my two never ending teaching tasks when they are all working) but I did not want to walk around either. So I wrote a story of my own...only for me.

Magical Moment does not start to describe how it went. Class after class..writing, writing, and more writing. Even the most hesitant writers were heads down and writing. Near tears and holding my breath at the same time.

In between sessions, I managed to whip off a quick note to my newest teaching buddy- Allie in Germany- to share the moment with. As always, she was full of encouragement and congrats!

I am so happy that I took the time to really let the idea of Writers Workshop Wednesdays settle in and find a place in our class. The kids came back on Thursday asking if they could stay in during recess to write some more.    It.Does.Not.Get.Better.Than.That.